Senmit Surface Mount Cable Railing Posts-2"×1" Stainless Steel Pre Drilled Metal Railing Post with Angle Adjustable Top Bracket

Size: 36"-Level Drilled


  • 【Create 36"/42” height cable railing systems】: Horizontal cable railing systems usually have cables attached to Stainless steel posts. This configuration creates clean lines that practically disappear into the background.
  • 【Angle Adjustable top Bracket】: An angle adjustable top bracket is attached, suitable for flat bottom handrail, stable and simple. The holes on the post are 10.5 mm, Recommended Use Senmit invisible cable railing kit
  • 【Easy to Install & DIY】: Pre-drilled holes on surface with standard 3” distance. Design for invisible stainless steel cable railing system. Steel post can be installed on steps and staircases for patio, balcony, porch, garden, residential building, commercial office building, hotel, garage etc.
  • 【Made of High Quality 304 Stainless Steel】: High hardness, impact resistance, not easy to deformation. Excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance, strong anti-oxidation ability, durable for long-term exterior deck cable railing.
  • 【Accessories & Dimensions】: Include ① 1PCS Stainless Steel Posts - 1” × 41” (Square width × Height); ②1PCS Foot Cover ③4PCS M8 lag screws for wood surface;

【304 STAINLESS STEEL Railing Post Specification】

- Two Color Options:Silver Brushed finishing / Black

- Material:304 stainless steel

- Two Height Options:88.9 cm (35 inch) / 104 cm (41 inch)

- Square Size: 1”×2"

- Thickness:1.5mm (0.059inches)



- Stainless Steel Posts × 1

- Foot Cover × 1

- M8 Lag Screws × 4

- Angle Adjustable Bracket × 1



1.   Starting with your perimeter, mark the locationof each deck post to locate the fitting position. In general, posts should bespaced no more than 8 feet apart. Some builders position them every 4 feet fora completely rigid frame.

2.   Itis recommended to use aluminum post in coastal and humid cities.

3.   RecommendedUse Senmit invisible cable railing kit and Senmit Stainless Steel CableSleeves.


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