Senmit Cable Railing FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cable Railing?

A cable railing system consists of horizontal or vertical stainless steel cables tensioned between posts, offering a modern and unobstructed view while providing safety.

Are cable railings safe for families with children?

Cable railings can be safe for families with children when installed correctly. Choose a system with proper spacing between cables, and ensure that posts are securely anchored.

Is a cable railing system suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, cable railing systems are versatile and can be installed in various settings, including decks, balconies, staircases, and both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Can cable railings be used on both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, cable railing systems are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. They offer a modern aesthetic and can complement various architectural styles.

What are the main components of a cable railing system?

Components typically include stainless steel cables, tensioners, fittings, and posts. Some systems may also include handrails and top caps for added support and aesthetics.


How long will it take for shipping?

  • Once you place the order, you will receive a confirmation email , and our team will initiate the processing without delay.
  • We will send you with the tracking number as soon as Amazon updates it, They may ship via Amazon FBA, UPS, USPS.a process that typically takes 1-3 days.
  • Occasionally, your order may be divided into multiple packages, each arriving gradually.
  • Customized orders will be shipped from China via UPS after they are made.

How are shipping costs calculated?

We provide free standard shipping and do not charge taxes. However, expedited shipping is available with additional fees based on the weight and size of the products.

How to return ?

  • Returned items must be in unused, as-new condition. We are unable to accept pre-installed components. Any used or damaged components will be rejected, and refunds will not be issued for such items.
  • Kits must be returned in their entirety. Refunds will not be processed for incomplete or partial kits. Additionally, we do not entertain returns of partial or cut spools of cable. The refund amount will be adjusted, deducting the value of missing components based on their full individual retail value.
  • All items must be returned in their original packaging. If the original packaging is lost or damaged, we may request you to withhold your return until we can provide replacement packaging.
  • You can return the order within 30 days if you don't like it. All you have to afford is the freight for sending back.

What payments do you support?

We support the following payment methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Visa
  3. Master Card
  4. American Express
  5. Union Pay
  6. Apple Pay

What is your warranty policy?

All products have a 12-month warranty. The warranty only applies to normal use and reasonable wear and tear. Damage due to natural disasters is not covered by the warranty.



How to measure stair angles?

Using your smartphone's "Measure"app.

Refer to this video

The max space between cable and posts?

The maximum space between cables and posts in a cable railing system depends on various factors, including local building codes, safety standards, and the specific design of the system. However, a common guideline is to maintain a spacing of no more than 4 inches between cables. This helps prevent the risk of small children getting through and ensures the structural integrity and safety of the railing. It's crucial to check and adhere to local regulations and the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific cable railing system.

We recommend the post spacing is 4-5ft.

Can a cable railing system be combined with other materials, such as wood or metal?

Yes, cable railing systems can be paired with different materials for a customized look. Common combinations include stainless steel cables with wooden or metal posts.

What is the difference between surface mount and fascia mount systems?

Surface mount systems attach directly to the surface, while fascia mount systems are fixed to the side of a structure. The choice depends on the specific design and structural considerations of your project.

Can I install a cable railing system myself, or should I hire a professional?

Installation difficulty varies, but it's often achievable for DIYers with basic skills. However, for complex designs or if you're unsure, consulting or hiring a professional is advisable.

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