Senmit Railing Installer Recruitment

We've started the Senmit Railing Installer Recruitment Program to build strong partnerships between our company and construction professionals and contractors across the United States.

Why We Launched the Program?

We have accumulated over 1000K users and partnered in more than 8000 projects. Our users rely on your professional installation technical support to achieve their long-awaited railing projects.

Through this program, we are committed to creating a bridge that allows users to easily find suitable Muzata railing installation professionals, while also making it easier for installation professionals to connect with their target customers. We will provide support and resources to ensure that both parties benefit from this interaction.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Order Discounts

    Every order you place with Muzata will enjoy a 5% discount.

  • Order Priority

    Your and your customers' orders will be prioritized, especially when inventory is limited.

  • Installer Community

    We are committed to building a national network of expert installers. Join our Facebook group to meet professionals, exchange stories and experiences, and find more growth opportunities.

  • Consumer Rebates

    For every purchase you make on Muzata, 5% of the total amount will be credited to your exclusive Muzata account for future offsetting of expenses.

  • Free Expedited Design Service

    Orders related to you and your customers will receive priority design assistance from our engineering team, and this service is entirely free of charge.

  • Professional Technical Support

    You will receive priority installation technical support and railing product training, including but not limited to email, phone, instant messaging, exclusive Facebook groups, and more.

How to Become Installer for Muzata Railing?

Click the form below to submit your information. After submission, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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